Frequency healing


BioEnergy Healing Puerto Vallarta

Energy healing using your BioEnergy blueprint

Energy Healing Tru BioEnergy, in person or distance Healing: convenient, authentic and simple. Book your session now to experience Energy healing.

Tibetan Prayer Flags

Changing Humanity's Future

Means Thinking Differently

The Medical community will no longer exist as it is today in the new paradigm, Holistic and Naturel remedies established long ago in various Indigenous cultures will ensure we can transition into a new Earth.

Bioenergy unifies science and consciousness, taking the human in its entirety by harmonizing Body(Heart), Thought(Brain) and Spirit to allow wellness to flow through you and thereby affecting your Bioenergy Frequencies.

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The Electromagnetic and Auric Fields 

Our Bioenergy Blueprint

Torsion field of conscious energy associated with temporal dimensions that give rise to such effects as electromagnetism.